Excellent turf and the careful integration of the golf course into nature has a major impact on its success. Only who knows their rootzones and soils can present a good playing surfaces over the long term.

Working with your club and superintendent, I will achieve solutions which take both economic and ecological aspects into consideration.

I offer the following services

Monitoring greens - Different solutions for different problems on different location

Maintenance and fertilizer plan using soil samples and leaf tissue analysis

Practical use of the ‘Disturbance Theory’

Transforming disease prone Poa anua putting surfaces to sustainable Agrostis/Festuca

Implantation of economical and ecological concepts (reducing fertilizer, water, chemical and electricity usage)

Pesticide-free lawns - the future in lawn maintenance

Aeration with hollow tines (soil exchange) – alternatives that don't affect putting surface

Reducing of rootzone compaction, thatch, moos, algae and black layer

Forest, rough, biotope and heather management - ecologically and cost-intensive maintenance

Avoiding new construction: Practice tested solutions to improve drainage and the structure of the rootzone on soil based and other problem greens, approach and tee's

Support of new construction - supervising and controlling golf designers/architects and construction companies

Environmentally friendly and long-term solution of the earthworm problem

Rainwater use, algae problem, conversion of greywater into industrial water as well as irrigation and water quality management

Sustainable and cost-reducing bunker maintenance

Reduction, collection and recycling of grass clippings

Suggestions for improving the presentation of the playing surface, advice before and during a tournament


Dense and tough

The pitch is a key element in a stadium. It determines whether you have optimal playing conditions... or not.

Turfed playing fields are subjected to constant high stress when played on. Various other factors influence the quality of the grass: the architecture of the stadium, climate, light, shade, ventilation and maintenance to name a few.

This is why preserving and maintaining the pitch is always one of the greenkeeper's most constant and demanding challenges:

  • Shear strength
  • Density
  • Smothness
  • Water permeability of the substructure
  • Favorable growth conditions

I offer the following services

Consulting and implementation support on site

Support for new construction, maintenance or renovation of lawns

Preparation of care and fertilizer plans based on soil samples and analyzes

Proposals for rainwater use for (machinery, water spray and irrigation)

Implementation of sustainable and ecological concepts (reduction of fertilizer, water and electricity)

Environmentally friendly, long-term solution of the earthworm problem

Help and advice in the treatment of lawn diseases

Planning and organization of the machinery including the workshop


Lawn – more than just a good feeling

The issue of lawns is as complex as it is diverse. Having a really healthy and beautiful lawn is not achieved in the long term by mowing alone.

Soil composition, nutrient supply, location, lawn type or care all play a significant role.

For the ordinary amateur gardener, it can be hard to see the relationships between all of these factors.

Professional lawn consulting can save you unnecessary expense, as it prevents excessive or incorrect care such as using too much fertilis.

I offer the following services

Consulting and implementation

Support on-site Support for new construction

Maintenance or renovation of lawns preparation of maintenance and fertilizer plans based on soil samples and analyzes

Advice on the use of surface and rainwater, as well as the environmentally friendly conversion of gray water into industrial water

Implementation of sustainable and ecological concepts (reduction of fertilizer, water and electricity)

Reduction and removal of grass clippings

Additional Services

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